About Us

Made up of experienced and highly specialized professionals to provide advice to Athletes and Clubs, Premier Soccer is one of the most respected Sports Marketing and Advisory companies in Brazil. It is important to note that Premier Soccer is the evolution of the former company Bahia Soccer Sports Management, and the change in nomenclature has the main objective of strengthening the internationalization of the brand.

Duly registered with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Premier Soccer has been on the market since 2008, and over that time it has gained credibility and respect, thus making it possible to develop partnerships throughout Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Its main segments are: Sports Law (in all areas), Marketing and Career Management.

Services provided
We offer specialized sports advisory and consultancy services aimed at athletes and sports associations, with the aim of meeting the growing demand of the professional sports market in Brazil and abroad. We guarantee our advisors full dedication in the most varied instances; Personal, Legal and Financial, always providing them with all necessary assistance outside the four lines, so that on the field our athletes can develop their best football.


Always offer the best career and image management services, with excellence and in a responsible manner to all football players. Prospect offers and deals aiming at the best possibilities within the national and international market for our customers.


To be a reference company in the segments of Career Management, Advisory and Sports Marketing for professional and amateur players in Brazil.


1º Defend with vigor and in an UNCONDITIONAL way the interests of our players.
2º Our players are the reason for our work.
3º Always cherish ethics and transparency in the conduct of our services.


The front of Premier Soccer is a professional who really knows Football and Management.

Adalberto Argolo

Adalberto Argolo is an entrepreneur in the import business ...
Bachelor of Law with more than 12 years of experience in various spheres related to football. Known for being an expert in drafting contracts and for his firm stance in defending the interests of players.